Religion or Relationship?

A homeless man drifted into an upscale denominational church one Sunday morning. He was quite dirty, disheveled, and not necessarily smelling so pleasant. Unaware of the attention he would attract for just entering the building, he took a seat on the third row, making himself much more the center of attention in the congregation. During the worship service, several members passed notes to the pastor alerting him of the situation and requesting some type of solution. When the service was finally concluded, the pastor pulled the homeless man aside. Quite agitated this visitor had so little concern for his own appearance, the pastor asked the homeless man, “Sir, next time you want to come to our church, will you please first ask the Lord what you should wear?” The homeless man nodded in approval and walked away. A week later, the homeless man entered the church again at the Sunday morning service time, with the same dirty clothing and appearance. This time the pastor confronted him before the service began and asked, “I thought I told you to first ask the Lord what you should wear before coming here again?” The man replied, “I did.” “What did he say?” replied the pastor. The homeless man said, “He said He did not have an answer for me since He had never been to your church.”    (Rev. Adrian Rogers)



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Written by Rick Blinson

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